Employee engagement

Employee engagement

As leading companies know, not only does employee engagement increase your company’s philanthropic footprint, it has also been shown to increase productivity and employee satisfaction, while contributing to employee retention and recruitment.

There are many ways to engage employees and support Help Meet Shine. We can work with you to inspire employees, meet your business goals and support our work at the scale that is appropriate for your company.

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Workplace giving campaigns

Workplace giving allows companies a way to meet philanthropy goals while providing a meaningful opportunity for employees to give. We can help you set up unique workplace fundraising campaigns or year-round, ongoing opportunities for employees to give.

Fundraising at work: Our online fundraising platform makes it easy to launch a fundraising campaign and customize your fundraising page. From featured stories to photos to personalized URLs, the platform can be carefully designed to reflect corporate branding and demonstrate your support of Help Meet Shine to a wide audience.

Working with your vendor: Help Meet Shine can work with your workplace giving and payroll deduction vendor to give employees the opportunity to give through your platforms, as well. We are a member charity of the following organizations: Wacsi, GlobalGiving, Donate.ng, Vconnect, Fundclock and Paystack. Let us know if there’s another vendor your company is using that we should be aware of.

Digital storytelling

We work with our partners to make the impact of their partnership come alive for employees. We provide impact stories, compelling photographs, infographics and other assets to help inspire and motivate employees and other internal stakeholders.

story telling
story telling

Experiential workshops

Help Meet Shine’ experienced facilitators can run workshops at your headquarters to help employees look deeper at the challenges our partnership is solving.

Workshops such as Displaced, a refugee experience, and When Disaster Strikes, an emergency response experience, will engage employees in experiential, hands-on activities, small group work and lively discussions to help participants gain insight into complex topics and spark ideas about how to make positive change.

Skills based volunteering

Research shows that skills-based volunteers are more likely than traditional volunteers to report gains in recruiting, skill development, stakeholder relationships, sales, social value, and satisfaction. Mentoring is an effective tool for professional development, giving employees at your company an opportunity to step outside their day-to-day perspective and take on new, creative challenges. It also provides employees with an opportunity to pay their specific expertise forward to entrepreneurs and nonprofits in need of guidance through longer-term skills-based engagement.

Pro bono skilled volunteering

For our Signature Partnerships, Help Meet Shine seeks opportunities to match employee’s skills to our operational and programmatic needs for greater impact.

For example, we’ve worked with Google employees to help us understand how refugees were accessing information digitally. While these opportunities tend to engage a more limited number of employees, the impact is among the most significant and becomes an important aspect of the partnership story.

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