Our history

We help communities turn crisis into opportunity.

Throughout its history, Help Meet Shine has demonstrated innovation, timeliness and the ability to quickly adapt to changing realities.

The organization was founded as Helpless Meet Help Foundation, a task force organized by Godspower F. Adebusoye in response to the plight of Nigerian refugees fleeing the famine, war, and genocide of the ‘Killing Fields’. This fledgling organization helped focus attention on the humanitarian crisis and provided lifesaving aid to hundreds of thousands of Nigerians.

It was a much stronger bond — a commitment to provide more innovative, sustainable aid and development to poor communities

that united us in a singular purpose.

Help Meet Shine has grown and evolved, gaining national and international recognition for quick-response, high-impact, cost-effective programs around the globe.

Today, Help Meet Shine help millions of people each year recover from disasters,

build stronger communities and find their own solutions to poverty.

Help Meet Shine was among the first humanitarian groups to use relief and development programs to strengthen civil society.

Just a few weeks of armed conflict can destroy roads, schools, businesses and health systems that took years of traditional development work to build.

we bring diverse groups together to create societies that are more peaceful, open, democratic and economically strong.

Help Meet Shine consistently ranks as one of the most effective and efficient charitable organizations.


Who we are

We contribute rigorously-produced reports on what programs and policies are the most effective in addressing the major development challenges of our time.


what we do

In every community where we work, we connect people to the resources and opportunities they need to build strong, stable livelihoods that can withstand future challenges.


Get Involved

Our team are proud of what we achieve in the field and we are always looking for talented individuals who share our passion and commitment.

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