Eradicate Poverty and Any Form of Oppression

Through close collaboration with community members and a wide variety of organizations, we put bold solutions into action and help people triumph over adversity, poverty and oppression

For the refugee who dreams of rebuilding her home, for the mother who wants a healthy future for her children

for millions of people filled with the power of possibility

we connect people to the resources they need to build better, stronger lives.


Our research is grounded in Help Meet Shine’ global presence, informed by our field teams’ vast contextual knowledge, and enriched by the voices and experiences of the people we serve.

We contribute rigorously-produced reports on what programs and policies are the most effective in addressing the major development challenges of our time.

We use this knowledge to improve our programming and influence broader policy debates and decisions.

Social Venture Fund

Beyond the traditional grant-based model of funding international development, we invest in and support pioneering social entrepreneurs to advance breakthrough solutions and create sustainable impact at scale.

Join us on our journey to change the world for good together we can eradicate poverty





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